no subject

i'm not here. i'm not there. and for the record, this isn't about you, or you.

like clouds part two

i think i saw your ghost

Aokki Roads

Opening and closing the mouth repeatedly. Swallowing hard. Feel that bubble pop. A brand new TV with a Sony Playstation! Answers lead to more questions. Will this ever resolve itself? Click here for more info!

Plumes of grass

Archibald's hot breath caressed the back of her neck. Melting towards thanksgiving. Wallets of Turkey breast. Complete falseness of that statement. No actual effort put forth into things: Too lazy to be alive.

like clouds

nothing-zero... you are like clouds.

The world needs magic! Magic cannot die.

hung up on hooks. confess your sins. blood from a cats face... boo! rotating maps. a hobbit's hole. some imitator? flattening between two panes of glass; weighed down by legos. not sure about the side effects. two thirds through the first of three.

bluo boqpod ould

select from the sea of lines and rays. ongoing ever one way. ends and not ends. drifts of fallen hospitals, below the highway, on the river bank. sign posts read. water.

In and out. Without time.

Fleeting presses for pent up aggression. Realized that everything you knew was a farce. Patterns replace patterns. Over treetops, under parking garages.

Sleep Safely