three holes in my chest.


when you called, tiny white trees were growing from your face, and your cataracts were full, like moons. back then my hair was longer.
mined and body. ripples were.

please, please, please make me magic. we miss you.
"this night has only just begun."


wet snow

22, 23

Those walls were solid concrete, with no ventilation. "We will certainly perish here." But _____ ___ ___ _____ __ ________ and _________ ___ were __ ___ ____ _____.
We could die high.
You once cried because of some bad graphic design. You once cried... But there was no ventilation in there! Driving past an old cemetery to get our lunch. I'm breathing again these days.


and once again, wilt again. out and in and end on end. press made sent for few rents. slanted.


i've missed you, october.

scum parasite green eyes shapeshifter

in queue