diamonds flash in the darkness. lines penetrate nothing at all. through fields we see pretext. following a fox. land seems tender, but hollow inside. extracted cores are left bloody on the glass.


has it really been all those years? like being sucked into a black hole. only we were unaware during the process. when we came out on the other side we were warped, like your records i left face-down on my flooooooor. eyes and smiles come inwards then fold to become others. at two points, one remembered.

strawberries in summertime

see you often

hetchmega is now known as HetchMega.

finding trees

folding mold / old toasts


(guitar solo)
(keyboard solo)


appearing in no particular order

clique cliche

In between the rinse, tinuous bins of tones. Don't be afraid. To be awake. After all is said, things left undone. Unorganization retreats. There was more, but it's gone. In an empty room in your basement, with fake wood paneling. What are we used for? Ceiling's too low. Could you find home in this home?