Infinite particles of wonder

Those things did happen once. I remember them, but I can't feel them.
Close be undeniably distant.

who's in?
do those who believe lies, tell lies?


you're too afraid
you're too pretentious
you're too much of a hermit
you're too lazy
you're too jealous
you're too self righteous
you're too opinionated
you use people
you take so much for granted
you never listen to anyone
you never have anything to say

United Notions

Within view, an instantaneous and interconnected awareness. At once, we are all cognizant. As an ellipses crawls across the face, we dance beneath a vastness! Through wires and in between skies, it will be known: This time is ours.
So yeah, I think that pretty-much sums it up!

cheers man,


the way it feels to pull a retainer out of your mouth. interlocked. i could never bring myself to. phantom cats and crystal rays.